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Thread: Weekly Best Topic:07 to 13 Dec

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drama View Post
    This is an entry for the Weekly Best Topic contest under your "challenging/interesting question" category.

    Players are challenged with finding which fleet would suit a commander with such S-ATK as Mirror Gaze and what position would be ideal for this commander to better unleash her potential.
    yes but question about the real game tactics and strategies but not about smth what doesnt exists.
    your topic is very interesting but it is not related to the Tactics Workshop category.

    you just cut off part of the description, the complete version looks like this

    Screenshot at 10-Dec-2015 21-40-54.jpg

    required something useful related to the game.

    For example:
    Pandora guide:
    how to pass quasar with the basic commanders video:
    Dark Boris and Hunter comparison: (not finished yet but good start)
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