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Thread: Weekly Best Topic:07 to 13 Dec

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    giftbox Weekly Best Topic:07 to 13 Dec


    This week we have been blessed with a new event and a new currency, Christmas Bells.

    Based on this theme, i wonder if we will get a new Christmas themed commander!

    My gut feeling tells me this years' Xmas commander will be a girl named Carol.

    Urban dictionary's meaning for "Carol":

    A girl (or guy, but trust me, they're pretty rare) who is very funny, caring, extremely intelligent, talented, and not to mention absolutely beautiful.

    In short, she is just perfect.

    A Carol will get along with nearly anyone and always knows what to say to cheer you up. She is a great friend and would never ever betray you. She would care for you no matter what.

    The name Carol translates to "song of happiness". A Carol is the kind of girl who, once you meet her, she will always be in your heart.
    A Carol is short, fiery red-headed female extraordinarily good at busting a guy's b@lls if you break her heart <3

    I see this commander as a Rover, wandering through the galaxy and spreading positive feelings wherever she goes. I don't know what would happen if she stepped into the Abyss though... maybe her star shines so bright that even the abyss legion will smile as she flies by.

    As much as she is bright joy, she can also be dark anger.

    I will tell you a story.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________

    A long time ago, she alone defended her home planet of Raiga against one of the first known Primus invasions. With Primus approaching steadily, Carol battled long and hard as the seasoned commander that she was, defeating opponents wave after wave. But the invaders were relentless. As she was pushed to her physical limit, she understood that her time was coming to an end. Her ship was hit once more as Carol heard the radio crackling and the voice of her loved sister poured over her.

    "Carol where are you?? They have landed and are all over the city! I don't want to be alone Carol, why did you leave me? Pleas-"

    The sound of a blaster rifle echoed through the radio and through Carol's ears.

    Elise! NOOOOOOO!

    She felt desperation, fear, panic... but above all, she felt ANGER. She would not go down without a fight.

    All power to the engines, tears swelling in her eyes, she raged and flew straight to the commander of the invasion. Primus. War Machine. Angel of Death. Her Death. She didn't care. She pressed on, a bee line across a swarm of enemies who only wanted her dead.

    Primus can't be destroyed...

    Her grandfather and father who had dedicated all their lives to the Raiga Science Board, devised the Mirror Gaze, an energy barrier that could reflect vast amounts of energy.

    As Carol activated it, Primus fired.

    The shot had enough energy to blow through the barrier. It would have done so if Carol had not redirected the ship's total power to the Mirror Gaze. She covered her eyes and awaited oblivion... but it did not come. What did come was a thunderous explosion from Primus as it convulsed and exploded in a massive ball of unleashed energy. She opened her eyes just in time to see the remaining fleets firing at her in one massive volley, as if robots commanded at the same time by the last command of a dying God. But the barrier was still active and indra cannons were no match to it. Shots aimed at her were simply reflected back with devastating result to her enemies.

    Carol lived to see another day. What happened to her?

    That is perhaps another story.

    Primus can't be destroyed... but sometimes...

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________

    For Christmas i would love to have Carol, a rover with Mirror Gaze, a special attack that reflects damage back to her enemies!

    Here's how it would work:

    Mirror Gaze
    Creates a reflective damage barrier surrounding the ship. The barrier absorbs 100% of all incoming ATK and E-ATK damage and 90% of all incoming S-ATK damage. 70% of ATK and E-ATK damage dealt to the barrier is reflect back to the attacker. The same S-ATK that targeted the ship is reflected back to the attacker as if the ship had fired it with 50% S-ATK damage dealt to the barrier. Lasts 1 round.

    If you had a commander with this ability, what fleet and formation would you choose in order to maximize such an S-ATK?

    Share your battle tactics with us!
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    I think we will get a gal this time, Old lady grinch..
    Special ability will be: wrecking christmass morale.. Affected ships lose their fighting morale (-50% damage for next 2 rounds) 20% chance to lose all round instead..

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    1st christmas event with GL. Can't wait to get my hands on some good limited ed. Commanders. hopefully a dark commander or something similar to sirenne that is a lot cheaper.. like quarks maybe
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    I want a commander that can reduce enemy acc by at least 50 and have multi attack . That would be insane !

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    I don't know how to get this commander and there is too difference between players
    But I like it

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    Make it evil Carol, red eyes, blue circles around them and pointy ears 😂

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    I can only hope the event is affordable.

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    Checking in hope we get the points

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    I spiced things up a bit in my original post, hope you enjoy it!
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    Very very nice!)

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