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Thread: [AoW] Faction :: Weekly Check In :: 12-05-2015 #5

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    While flying at hyperspeed something stuck to me windscreen,on closer inspection it was a worn out odor eater.....someone target gal for cosmic litering

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    And roses still smell like poo��

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    Check baby check 😉
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    At the start of this story as you can all see Gal turned from a she into a he, then into a poo and into a shoe my god you guys you nothing better to do? For stories like this are ment to come from your mind not start with something that comes from your behind.
    So guys please I beg you before I go insane these stories of poo I ask to refrain and instead make a fresh start a story a new that starts with a F*** �� LOL
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    Привет как дела

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    Hi saftreph bhg

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    Don't mind me, I'm just here and checking in 😁😁

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    Checking in

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    Check in and have a great weekend
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    Hi..Arrow here
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