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Thread: Sharp Tongue Arena--Results Announcement

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    giftbox Sharp Tongue Arena--Results Announcement

    Thanks for all our administrators' hard work and players' efforts!

    According to our rule, now we are so glad to announce the results of Sharp Tongue Arena:

    Top ranked players

    [supporters] RuaKien

    [Refuters] Nopo Bogdan
    [Fence-sitters] Zyrex

    Those winners will get Sharp Tongue Winner's Super Pack: 5000 credits, Nuclear R6*1,Pandora power*3

    Participantion rewards


    Those winners will get:Sharp Tongue Participant's Super Pack: Galactonite Energy*16K, Combat Robot*1, Galactonite Chip*20

    Winners please send us your exact username and server below the thread so that we can send you rewards.

    Also, we would like invite all our players and winners to leave your comment below about"Which of the first batch Galactonite have the best attributes
    ". Thank you all!

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    this is my info:
    zZ Police Zz.s241 world1144 android
    i like Hitrate Attribute best in Galactonites. its h5elp me dont miss the shoot ^^
    P/S: Thank u so much
    zZ Police Zz.s241 world1144 android

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    info : andrea99.s55 world 700 ios
    i like critical galattonite .. txt

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    xaus.s915 world 848 android
    Xaus.s915 / world 848 / Android / уровень 100

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    Лучший атрибут галактонит это: критический
    Xaus.s915 / world 848 / Android / уровень 100

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    w747 / w928 / w1086
    Congrats to the winners

    Of the first batch of Galactonite (I'm assuming Dual R6 is being discussed), there were no "great" galactonite. The typical Dual R5 galactonite had one of the two given a boost, and the other half remained nearly equivalent to the R5 version. For these stones, I prefer the ones with ATK (S-ATK/ATK, ATK/HP, ATK/DEF, ATK/Hit Rate).
    Of the second batch of Dual R6, all are great galactonite. I like most those that have +Critical Change (Crit/Crit ATK, Crit/Pen, Crit/Hit Rate).
    time's up.

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    Zyrex.s506 World1409 android

    For the duals, I'd say either crit/pen or crit/hit rate, depending on which is needed more for that commander...

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    Currently somewhere in South East Asia
    Nopo.s819 World 498 iOS

    Edit: corrected world number
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    My info: богдан.s387 World187 iOS

    I am curious when will the packs be distributed?

    From the first batch of galactonites (those with fixed stats) I believe the best was the one with ATK/hit rating.
    Last edited by Bogdan; December 3rd, 2015 at 08:25.
    богдан.s387/World 187/iOS

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    Hi and congrat winners, i saw this event wehn was ended.

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