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Thread: Last Gifts of Thanksgiving—Dual-Attribute R6

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    giftbox Last Gifts of Thanksgiving—Dual-Attribute R6

    Thanksgiving has been and gone, but Galaxy Legend will not forget to give our players last gifts.
    Gal believes that you are still in happy with the new Dual-Attribute R6!
    Do you want to get the galactonite rewards with your own hands, creation and sweat?
    Come to participate in our event!
    Event Time: 30/11 - 04/12

    Event Details:

    1. Draw a picture (using a computer, sketch, paint ... ) make a video clip, or create any other kind of artistic work, the subject of which must be the type of R-6 Dual-Attribute Galactonite which you like. Post it below this thread.

    2.GL Officials will select the best 3 works of art and give the artists Galactonite Packs. On top of that they will also select 5 lucky players who will be given Galactonite Energy Packs.

    3. Reward Contents: The first placed player will get 35x Chroma Prisms R-6
    The second placed player will get 2x Nuclear Galactonite R-6
    The third placed player will get 1x Nuclear Galactonite R-6
    5 Lucky players will get 50,000 Galactonite Energy

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    Well i like any dual r6 except pri strike or deep blue. But no hope for me

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    This is my R-6 Dual-Attribute Galactonite Still i don't know what galactonite type combines.But my favourite one is Light Streak

    Nik5.s296 World1196 Android
    上传的图像 上传的图像
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    la mejor dos.jpg

    The image is a funny thing, but the reality for most players...
    The galactonite that I like is Light Streak Dual R6, because it makes me strong rover . And if I have to choose would choose block, flash and anticrit. thanks for everything.

    The Legion Group Member

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    Talking about dual galactonite the one I most want is a wind trail r 6 . It is the perfect galactonite for any hero that have dodge. In the higher levels of upgrade your ships have too much hp , def , s def , that it is useless to try to one shot a ship. Only if you hit with critical is the only chance on one shot an enemy. This anti critical added to the dodge is the perfect combination for survivability.
    I'm a hard core player looking for challenge.
    bebetono s249. World 246 android
    Lv 100 ."Member of The Legion"
    Incendos ,Vladimir,Hunter,Khala...

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    У меня один двойной р 6 но я постараюсь принять участие!!!

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    my new Dual-Attribute R6 judgment game...not as advanced but still a nice way to get a critical +9%/crit atk+ 63% gem

    r6 gem game.jpg

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    Oh I want that man please. I have no dual r6.

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    Xaus.s915 / world 848 / Android / уровень 100

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    I'm not sure if the forum supports GIF pictures, so you can see my clip here:

    I hope it won't take much time to watch it, anyway it's my first experience with GIF animations

    UPDATE: Here is a faster and smaller version:

    Should be easier to watch!

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