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Thread: [AoW] Faction :: Weekly Check In :: 11-27-2015 #4

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    The masses also rejoiced when Glenn of the walking turn was revealed to be alive. He began his trip back to assist in the revolution.

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    Before the turd revolution, Glenn and John turd decided to duke it out first in the weekly turd arena and see who is the turdiest of them both.

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    Waking up from a food coma. Blas here

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    Newcommers and free credits.. opening event.. on your reward display!!!

    After 7 moths i discovered the opening event at my display.. at 10 times. So for all the new comers to town..check out this part of your display. I am at lv 89 .. p u t in 5k.. and got 23000 credits. Now thats a good return.. and almost level 90 for another 12k. Watch it and get your credits!!!!!

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    Both of them wanted win so badly, so they come at each other with their best and turdiest attacksandtrickymoves of turd-fu
    MrNmbrThree.s762 [AoW]

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    ...Turd-kicks and Turd counter-strikes...

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    Happy thanksgiving day

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    Yeah happy thanksgiving merica

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    The turdiest battle last a year, and the turdiest 197... beat less turdiest dicta....

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    Hello, Goodbye and Goodnight!!

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