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Thread: Sharp Tongue Arena--Fence-sitters Threads

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    giftbox Sharp Tongue Arena--Fence-sitters Threads

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    UTC 26/11 00:00 01/12 00:00

    Event administrator: GL official, Section Leaders, Galactic Chairmen
    Event Proposition: Whether R-7 Galactonite should be introduced as quickly as possible?

    Fence-sitters(Neutral players) can leave your posts there.

    If you are a Fence-sitter of this proposition, You can only reply in this thread and cannot make reply in Refuters threads and Supporters threads. You can read their opinions and mention them in your reply. (One player-one side-one thread)

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    well, i was thinking about where to post my opinion to R7 gal entering GL...To be honest i would like to have any influence avoiding their entering in GL owing to the fact it will just causes additional costs for us all...but we all know it doesnt matter what people like me or other refufuters are posting because tap is reading all those screams for R7 and smell the money ppl wanna pay for i decided to post it here and say officially "i dont care" cause whatever we post they do whatever they want, more precisely whatever has higher income...
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    I think for low levels will be unreachable to get, it unfair. But for high levels it Gonna be useful and they are going to increase their power. This is gonna be unequal for all the players

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    I think R7 will be popular or abandoned depends on its value.
    Of course R7 will be even more expensive then R6 dual, but if R7 upgrades each ability +13.5% as basic and +4.5% per 1 Lv, it will be worth to get it.
    (For many reasons, lots of players will not be able to upgrade R7 over Lv.7, so +40.5% would be reasonable, I think.)
    +12% as basic and +4% per 1 Lv would be a little weak comparing with R6 dual, and +10.5% as basic and +3.5% per 1 Lv would make R7 garbage.

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    If you are a long time player, who's already in the process of turning all of you R6 into dual R6, than I assume that you would be very interested in the new R7 as they will allow you to get an edge on players - on high spenders, in pandora, in CTC, in CCC, etc. It just might be the thing to tip the balance.

    However, if you've only been playing for a few months (and keep it mind, this is a LONG time by any standard of gaming), you are probably still struggling to get R6 - I know I've been playing for 5-6 months, and I just got my first R6 last week! If this is your case, than the introduction of R7 will greatly increase the already existing gap, which often is hard to penetrate, between more veteran players and you. And since you WILL encounter these players in Pandora, CCC, CTC, and are probably already struggling against them, this will make things even harder - and will probably cause some to quit the game in frustration.

    The game should respect its long time players, but cannot exist without new blood. So I'm not really sure which way my opinion sways in this case.

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    I'm posting my answer here because I've been playing this game for over a year and I'm able to see both sides of the coin. On the up side it will allow current players who may have hit a power peak a new goal to reach for and a renewed interest in the game. On the down side newer players or players like myself who dont have hundreds of dollars a month to spend on this game will be struggling even more to close the gap between ourselves and the guys who can afford all the best stuff. If done properly, r7s could be very usefull to all. If used as only a way to make money, then expect to see a sharp decline in players.

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    I've only been a player for about 3 weeks now, but I have noticed through cross server events how access to higher galactonites and commanders can quickly unbalance how pvp is played (anyone below a certain power level feels like they aren't able to participate...) That being said, it does seem like there are quite a number of people that are ready for the new R7 galactonites, and they really shouldn't be held back either.

    My thought is that this might be a good time to start introducing a somewhat more tiered system of servers. One thing that I have noticed with some of the cross server events is that there already is a bit of tiering done where matchups are attempted to be setup between similar level servers or alliances, and I think that is a big reason why the game continues to attract new players.

    The first step that would work well with the introducing the R7s would be something like an "Elite" set of servers that get new technologies introduced say 3 or 6 months (not sure proper lead time) before the other servers. This would allow those people who were ready to purchase them immediately do so, but also be competing (mainly) with other people at their same level. Once that lead time goes by (which should probably be a static length of time to avoid frustration over arbitrary timing...), then the remaining servers (or next tier, if further tiers make sense) would then be introduced with the new tech, hopefully at a time when they are ready to use them.

    For creating the initial "Elite" tier, I would imagine a purchased item that those people who want to be part of the new servers can get to authorize a move to a new "Elite" server (possibly as a bundle with a new tech on the new server to keep from feeling like the purchase was wasted...) Once the initial tier is created, it might then make sense to also allow a threshold for lower server alliances to meet (maybe an xp level or a separate currency they could specifically be getting for the purpose of moving up) and then get pushed to a new "Elite" server as an alliance (to allow for friends to stay together). Anyone within the alliance who wants to move up would need to check a flag to indicate they want to move up, that way no one gets forced higher than they want.

    For cross server events that could span both (multiple) tiers, it could be done similar to how Pro-Am tournaments are done. An alliance or server from the Elite tier could be teamed up with one or more alliance/servers from the lower tier and then compete against similar teams.

    That might be a bit much to implement for something that might be just coming up, but maybe some pieces of it could be implemented for the R7 introduction and then become more fully formed over time...

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    I was working my way through some of the Refuter posts, and some of the suggestions about lack of enough energy sources for R7 and generally how the Galactonite Center itself doesn't seem to be keeping up makes me think there should also be a "Newbie" tier of servers that is really just time based (like maybe 3 months, which would include my own server...)

    Some of the suggestions about increasing rates of production and possibly drops of R4/5s in general and/or during events do make sense for those servers that are still catching up, but aren't too new. Newer servers like mine could quickly get unbalanced by a few lucky individuals, but for most servers, that might help with the vacuum between the high end people who win events and those that just build over time. If those build over time methods were to increase in value as the server gets older, then those who are just below the level where they get higher galactonites during events wouldn't fall as far behind and could potentially close that gap with smaller purchases.

    That would leave us with an Elite tier where those big spenders can be relatively isolated from everyone else and still be able to compete amongst themselves, a Newbie tier that allows for new servers to get their feet wet with normal production (while new, big spenders could jump straight to the Elite tier through an item if they really want to get going fast...), and the middle tier(s) where production is increased to reduce the gap between those that are able to get ever increasingly powerful event rewards and those that just put a lot in from a day to day basis (and may make smaller purchases that could eventually get them into that reward tier without having to feel like they are competing with big spenders...)

    The overall idea is to help make more people feel like they can compete on some level and enjoy their piece of the competitions while allowing for different amounts of spending (and time invested...) This does seem to have been taken somewhat into consideration with how often new servers are created, but I think the fight over R7s shows that some additional tiering could allow for older servers to be rebalanced and have more players feel competitive (within their tier...)

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    Ok, this should be the last post for a while, as now I've gotten through the Supporters thread as well. One thing that stood out to me was Zeus's post about limiting what kind of R7s should be introduced (which sounds like an on the fence idea to me, but I guess that could go either way...) That got me to thinking about R7s being introduced that fit a specific role for those individuals that can afford to get them. This wouldn't necessarily be affected by my previous idea, so either or both could be implemented...

    With the dual R6s covering multiple items, it makes sense that R7s might be more geared to filling in the remaining holes. If most of the more sought after duals contain thinks like Block/Penetration, then having R7s that contain more basic attributes like Attack or E-Attack might be a reasonable thing for someone with a bunch of dual R6s already to want. They wouldn't have to worry about losing the second attribute when replacing with a single R7 because the R7 would be boosting something that wouldn't be covered by an R6 dual anyway.

    If those R7s were the top rewards for an event, that would allow those (generally more useful) dual R6s to go to people playing catch-up without those getting the top rewards losing out. The top reward would be a minor increase for the top end players while the next tier rewards would be a bigger jump for the next tier players. This would allow the gap to be reduced while not completely stopping progression for those big spenders. Once that gap closes a bit, then better attribute R7s could be introduced, which would be more in line of what true supporters would be looking for, but with more people ready for R7s (and not have felt like a waste of time for those ready now because they would have gained power over the short term with the R7s they had available...)

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    It had no impact. Those players who are making large amounts of money in the game, and take top place, it will be the main owner. For the main part of the players, including moderately contributing money - nothing has changed since the first urovne for them and so inaccessible.

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