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Thread: Sharp Tongue Arena--Refuters Threads

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    i am seriously agreeng with u. the big spenders will be stronger

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    Against. Not even all reached the 100 level and...
    This will lead to an even wider gap between regular players and the strongest top-players.
    Gaming for the usual guys will be even more difficult. Someone even leaves the game.
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    Paul Müller & ender Bean wiggins have give good reason.

    For the economical place, Paul Müller is totally right, if you release the r7 nobody spend for r5,r6 maybe dual r6. That's make less money for you.
    Ender Bean wiggins is right for the necessity of more merge ! It's so boring to fight 2 dead servers where only 10-20 players play again and when we're more than 150 !

    More, what the utility of the base stat of each commander if the new r7 are too many powerfull ?
    An old commander could be more interresting than an expansive new one with this bonus so why spend for the new expansive commander ?
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    Галактонит r7 вводить рановато, он нужен, но позже, игра и так очень зависима от вложений игроков своих реальных денег, по этому в топе будут-именно те, кто больше заплатит, это приведет к большой потере игроков и-игра прекратит свое существование, вместе с введением нового галактонита, необходимо кардинально пересмотреть-вопрос цен, да и вообще сам смысл вложений, а то получается, кто платит, тот и играет, а остальным просто нет шансов, по моему мнению, это просто не честно и не справедливо, тут высматривается просто зарабатывание денег из воздуха, только для своей выгоды и только, складывается ощущение, что это все не-надолго и в скоре игра развалится. А те кто-ее создает и продвигает, заберут деньги и-придумают новую.

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    R7 stones are not necessary. The growth with every R-galactonite is 0,5%. R-6 is +2,5% per level. R-7 should be +3%. But we already have dual R6 galactonite which are +3 so there is not logic in this. Also R-6 duals will be twice better than R-7 because they are combined 2 different types. And the game will be unbalanced because rich players will take big advantage than normal players who don't spend so much money.

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    Я думаю,что R7 не должен быть введён т.к
    1.На него будут очень большие цены.
    2.Новым игрокам будет намного труднее догнать более развитых в этой игре.

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    That will be a big mistake you recently create the Meteor Gala and introduce new r6 dual, so many things at the same time it doesn´t have any sense to make this soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by RuaKien View Post
    the galactonite r7 is necessary because we need them for balance the game because in past months i see many duals r6, new ones that unbalancing the game. TAF has addd more new dual r6 but that enough to be reason for ppls who quit game want to come back. R7 is best way
    With the introduction of dual R6s the game is unbalance, I agree on that.

    How would R7 help people who quit the game want to come back? They won't know about the R7s (IF they are introduced) because they no longer follow the game and so won't be coming back.

    The ones affected will be us, who are still playing and would now have to face overpowered people with dual R6s now getting R7s because it is within their ability to get them by the fact they already have dual R6s.

    So end result, will be greater frustration of players who will then stop playing.

    Over and over again, we see a good example of how this is happening in unmatched Pandora, the overpowered servers gets less players as time goes by because they give up - there is no hope for them to get even the crumbs.

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    Do R7 supporters really support R7?

    Some supporters though initial read seems to support having R7, have some thoughts that betray their real thinking is like.

    8 of the 17 supporters have reservations or caveats on the introduction of R7. That's almost 50% of the R7 supporters. In other words 50% of them should be in the fence sitters area at best or should be in the refuters group instead. Do they really want R7s?

    Quick summary
    • 3 of them actually think the game will be imbalanced so would like them to be limited by level
    • 3 of them actually think the game will be imbalanced so would like them to be limited basic attributes (not percentage increase)
    • 2 think that players will be driven away

    The reservations, caveats, worries, and BUTs fall into the following 7 categories

    1. free way to get them
      {google translated}
      Quote Originally Posted by Chriz Parquez View Post
      .. but we also need a free way to get them is so .. .. such as refinement .. expect to be refined R7
    2. basic attributes
      Quote Originally Posted by Zeus View Post
      i can support only R-7 of basic attributes: ATK, S-ATK, DEF, S-DEF, HP.

      Current R-6 galactonites of the basic attributes are extremely useless for the lvl 90-100 because of their low parameters ... for example what is 50,000 ATK comparing to the 1,500,000 damage on the lvl 100 ? it is nothing and no one uses them.
    3. limited to high levels for game balancing
      Quote Originally Posted by Zeus View Post
      to keep the balance these new R-7 must be available only for the lvls 90-100, because for lower lvls they will add a lot of power or invulnerability
      {google translated}
      Quote Originally Posted by xaus View Post
      But P7 shall be available only lvl 90-100.
      Quote Originally Posted by RuaKien View Post
      level to use it shoud at 100 and above.
    4. impossible to beat with 100% stats
      Quote Originally Posted by Zeus View Post
      R-7 which improve % not required at all as well as Dual R-7 are not required at all because all the ships will have 100% hitrate / 100% crit / 100% penetration / 100% block - sounds like a very bad and annoying idea

      meteor R-7 not required as well because Meteor R-6 already devaluate rovers as a class of fast ships
    5. should be rare and only for defensive attributes only
      Quote Originally Posted by Sander Prenga View Post
      I think a big R7 _ DEFENSE_ will be perfectly...
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      Quote Originally Posted by sofer View Post
      Not only should R7 be released but it should be relatively rare and should be much more powerful.
      In order not to disturb the balance I suggest that the first R7s to be introduced are all defensive. Thus even if someone could mount a good defense those with strong attack will still have a chance and it will make battles last longer making it more fun.
      Bring those R7s and quickly !!!
    6. drive away players, players loose interest stop playing
      {google translated}
      Quote Originally Posted by cowmooflage View Post
      yeah bring it in this and r8,9 and my server there only a handful left playing and this will drive most away leaving me with the server all to myself !!! rubbing hands gleefully

      so bring it in i say
      Quote Originally Posted by Дед View Post
      if P7 then those who are not investing the loot in the game will lose interest in the game
    7. play imbalance - give everyone single player 1 for free
      Quote Originally Posted by Maxamusviper View Post
      I also think you should give every single player one for free. ��

    Do R7 supporters really support R7?

    Or have other agenda? Like

    1. with R5, R6 more accessible, become more competitive
      Quote Originally Posted by Andrea99 View Post
      continuing of other post , i agree with r7,
      not only because they are very useful to the 100 level but also because now the other (r5, r6) will be valued less, I think, so as to be more competitive without spending much
    2. make R6s dual R6s cheaper:
      Quote Originally Posted by RuaKien View Post
      I want that the galactonites r7 to be introduced soon because:
      3. And i think most of us wants the galactonite r7 to come soon because the duals r6 will have lower price, like the chromas r5 are given in the war for free, also the price of galactonite r6 will be lower
      {google translated]
      Quote Originally Posted by xaus View Post
      can P5 and P6 will make more accessible and cheaper.

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    Fence Sitters? Slightly more Venting negatives on R7 than Positives

    What about fence sitters?

    3 negatives
    • feeling resigned
      Quote Originally Posted by meisterbade View Post
      well, i was thinking about where to post my opinion to R7 gal entering GL...To be honest i would like to have any influence avoiding their entering in GL owing to the fact it will just causes additional costs for us all...but we all know it doesnt matter what people like me or other refufuters are posting because tap is reading all those screams for R7 and smell the money ppl wanna pay for i decided to post it here and say officially "i dont care" cause whatever we post they do whatever they want, more precisely whatever has higher income...
    • unequal / unfair
      Quote Originally Posted by Alejandro Gil Hernandez View Post
      I think for low levels will be unreachable to get, it unfair. But for high levels it Gonna be useful and they are going to increase their power. This is gonna be unequal for all the players
      Quote Originally Posted by gil.s385 View Post
      However, if you've only been playing for a few months (and keep it mind, this is a LONG time by any standard of gaming), you are probably still struggling to get R6 - I know I've been playing for 5-6 months, and I just got my first R6 last week! If this is your case, than the introduction of R7 will greatly increase the already existing gap, which often is hard to penetrate, between more veteran players and you. And since you WILL encounter these players in Pandora, CCC, CTC, and are probably already struggling against them, this will make things even harder - and will probably cause some to quit the game in frustration.
      Quote Originally Posted by Darren Williams View Post
      On the down side newer players or players like myself who dont have hundreds of dollars a month to spend on this game will be struggling even more to close the gap between ourselves and the guys who can afford all the best stuff. If done properly, r7s could be very usefull to all.
    • Sharp decline in number of players
      Quote Originally Posted by Darren Williams View Post
      If used as only a way to make money, then expect to see a sharp decline in players.

    2 positive
    • an edge over others
      Quote Originally Posted by gil.s385 View Post
      If you are a long time player, who's already in the process of turning all of you R6 into dual R6, than I assume that you would be very interested in the new R7 as they will allow you to get an edge on players - on high spenders, in pandora, in CTC, in CCC, etc. It just might be the thing to tip the balance.
    • renewed interest in game
      Quote Originally Posted by Darren Williams View Post
      I'm posting my answer here because I've been playing this game for over a year and I'm able to see both sides of the coin. On the up side it will allow current players who may have hit a power peak a new goal to reach for and a renewed interest in the game.

    1 suggestion on implementation of R7
    Quote Originally Posted by L Light View Post
    I think R7 will be popular or abandoned depends on its value.
    Of course R7 will be even more expensive then R6 dual, but if R7 upgrades each ability +13.5% as basic and +4.5% per 1 Lv, it will be worth to get it.
    (For many reasons, lots of players will not be able to upgrade R7 over Lv.7, so +40.5% would be reasonable, I think.)
    +12% as basic and +4% per 1 Lv would be a little weak comparing with R6 dual, and +10.5% as basic and +3.5% per 1 Lv would make R7 garbage.

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