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Thread: Sharp Tongue Arena--Refuters Threads

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    Hi all,

    I know like you that this game is a pay to win, but the most part of players are little spenders !
    You'vé released the dual r6 and all see the advantage of this galak, the big spenders have already take somes of it. The low spenders or freeplayer just
    Get one or two of it !
    In Pandora ( the best part of this game for me ) we see the difference !!!
    If you release the r7 now, the only thing you get is a no play in Pandora : wich interest if you can't mark points or take fun ?
    Don't forget, your game live with all players not only the vip12++++

    I precise, i'm vip7 close to 8 so I think i've pay more than somes for win also
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    One other problem with introducing the R7 now would be the lack of an appropriate constant source of galactonite energy and galactonite chips.
    Let me explain this a little bit in detail.
    The sources of most galactonite energy at the moment are: charged event, sokulov event from time to time(we didn't have that in a long time) and the gala energy packs event. All these events are not a constant source of energy and are in fact designed to sustain a certain growth for R6 galactonites need.
    Naturally R7 will require more energy, thus there should be another source of good energy flow into the game, preferably a constant energy source, especially if players are expected to replace a decent part of their galactonites. Ok the energy from existing R6 won't be lost when decomposing, but it will not be enough either.
    Maybe do something about the Infinite Cosmos first and make it more like Chaos Quasar in terms of constant gain of resources?
    At the moment the CQ and arena are the two good sources of tech points that allow players to upgrade their tech tree at a decent pace, adequate for the hi-dimmension tree requirements. So maybe IC should be made to provide the gala energy for R7 first, then introduce those R7. Otherwise it would be like introducing a TGV train onto 100 years old railroads and expecting it to perform at full capacity.

    I think one better suggestion would be for tap4 to remember at one point they introduced some very interesting objects into the game, but they forgot to make them available more than one time. I am talking about R6 Chips for specific attributes (those requiring 14 chips and a R6 nuclear to create a specific galactonite ... tekken for example).
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    I see no need for R7 with R6 being this strong n still difficult to get vor we non-spenders

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    Many players doesn't have full r5 and r6 or dual of them and some have but not fully enhance so in my opinion there must be a time in opening of r7 and if it coming soon then it can only be affordable for big players
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    So here's the thing, the R7's coming out sooner rather than later is going to be a burden on free players and minimal spenders. We are already being the 8 ball with everything else, playing catch up. By putting out the R7's sooner, you're going to sew people lose arena credits, Pandora battles AND space wars. It will put an even further gap between the players and could potentially be something a lot of people would quit playing the game for. That would in turn, cause a mass merger of servers, further alienating any remaining free or minimal spending players. I think this will cause a snowball effect, that would have drastic consequences for almost everyone involved. The game just isn't ready for R7's yet, there are still sooooooo many people who've yet to even get a dual r5, let alone an r6 or dual r6. Perhaps doing a staged release may work, servers with high numbers of level 100 players to get them first, and the slowly trickle down throughout, but that is really complicated, and really just unreasonable. Save the R7's for when more people can get the dual r6s and at least remain somewhat competitive.

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    in my opinion, the r7 are not necessary, but until actualize 100 -110 level. for what reason? simply because there is the dual r6 r5 dual and that in my opinion leave many spaces available, in addition to the great difference between damage to be low-level players, and I think the r7 should be able to use those above level 100. Thank you

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    R7? No way .. it'll be fine for big spenders or higher levels. . So unfair for the rest whom seen this game as a game not stressing over spending money on oh so expensive galactonite... I'm already stressing about it. Finding myself playing Pandora with stronger servers with R7 on their fleets.

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    It's not time for R7.....yet! R7 should be introduced to the game when player progress becomes stagnant. You have just introduced not only Meteorite gala but also a new dual Gala combinations. These gala need to be given time to mature and develop in at least 10% of active fleets before there is even a need to introduce the even the most basic form of R7. Because this is a play to win format there is already an insurmountable rift between Non spenders, moderate spenders ($100-500 a month) and high spenders($600-$1000 a month) extreme spenders ($2000-$10000+ a month). Introduction of R7 immediately would make an even greater imbalance in gameplay.... Before introduction on a new game changing element of the game perhaps you should consider those organic functions of the game you continue to ignore while continue to profiteer. Consider fixing the matching issues with Pandora, the constant inconsistencies with event descriptions, bugged cosmos commanders, event announcements appearing before the event starts.....The list goes on.

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    R7 will not be so important and powerful in the game. If the estimate, they will give only a few percent common percent against the Dual-R6. I have a lot of Dual R6 and-R6 stones, but they have recently almost do not work as before. More important, the initial parameters of the ship. If a ship has initial characteristics less than 20%, no stones will not help him become stronger.

    NB. The ships is more important than the race for stones.
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    well i am not agree with the introducing new r7 on the market. i play for 1 year and so and i still dont have 1 r6 that it is worth it. also if u introduce the r7 now will be avaible for the big spenders and will be a huge gap between players

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