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Thread: Sharp Tongue Arena--Supporters Threads

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    giftbox Sharp Tongue Arena--Supporters Threads

    Event Time: UTC 26/11 00:00 01/12 00:00

    Event administrator: GL official, Section Leaders, Galactic Chairmen
    Event Proposition: Whether R-7 Galactonite should be introduced as quickly as possible?

    Players who support the proposition can leave your posts there.

    If you are a supporter of this proposition, You can only reply in this thread and cannot make reply in Refuters threads and Supporters threads. You can read their opinions and mention them in your reply. (One player-one side-one thread)

    1. In the course of the discussions, anyone who posts spam will be muted for 1 week and the spam will be deleted.
    2. In the debate posts, unambiguous posts of support will not be merited with points, and the post will be deleted.
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    i agree with R7 galactonites should beintroduced as quickly as possible because now most of players have full R6 galactonite and so many galactonites is unuseful because they have full slot. and otger reason is game now dont have many section make player be interested in that. so if R7 be introduce, so help ppl can make their fleet stronger and make them feel be more interested in game like your name : TAP FOR FUN ^^
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    Thinking about r7 dual))) expensive ones will be))

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    Yeah r7 dual will be nice but most of my gala are on r5 now. And so i ve time ��
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    Yes we all need R7. ]

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    I think must of us we have a lot of gala useless like pri, I thing upgrade to level 7 it could be good for this gala that nobody use it

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    I think a big R7 _ DEFENSE_ will be perfectly...

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    asi es.. las galactonitas r7 son una gran idea.. todos estamos ansiosos esperando a que vengan a la venta.. pero tambien necesitamos una manera free para obtenerlas.. tal sea asi.. como el refinamiento.. esperar que haber refinamiento para las r7.. porque este juego es muy caro sinceramente.. y hablando en general.. mas de la mitad de jugadores no gastan demasiado..


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    R7 should be introduced as soon as possible.
    There is no question about it. It is clear that this was tap4fun strategy all along.
    We got a lot of R6 nuclears in the last couple of month. Mainly from Primus Invasion but from various events as well.
    Many players have most of the their Galactonite as R6. The only way to advance is thru dual-R6 and that has limits as well.
    Not only should R7 be released but it should be relatively rare and should be much more powerful.
    In order not to disturb the balance I suggest that the first R7s to be introduced are all defensive. Thus even if someone could mount a good defense those with strong attack will still have a chance and it will make battles last longer making it more fun.
    Bring those R7s and quickly !!!
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    i can support only R-7 of basic attributes: ATK, S-ATK, DEF, S-DEF, HP.

    Current R-6 galactonites of the basic attributes are extremely useless for the lvl 90-100 because of their low parameters ... for example what is 50,000 ATK comparing to the 1,500,000 damage on the lvl 100 ? it is nothing and no one uses them.

    to keep the balance these new R-7 must be available only for the lvls 90-100, because for lower lvls they will add a lot of power or invulnerability

    R-7 which improve % not required at all as well as Dual R-7 are not required at all because all the ships will have 100% hitrate / 100% crit / 100% penetration / 100% block - sounds like a very bad and annoying idea

    meteor R-7 not required as well because Meteor R-6 already devaluate rovers as a class of fast ships
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