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Thread: Login problems

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    Login problems

    15 minutes ago the game told me to stop gaming and to do an automatic update. Afterwards i tried to start it but it doesnt work. Its loading and loading, and there appears a window which tells me to determine the game and to finish the update.
    I hope you can help me.

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    same here can't log since one hour
    Waiting for some news


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    Reinstall doesnt work

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    its the same for me..cant play because of this problem
    tried reinstalling ang rebooting my phone but still doesn't work..

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    Can you all give more informations please:
    World, platform.

    You may also search for more information here:

    The old forum has accumulated a lot of knowledge on such issues.
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    I experienced the issue last night, and it cleared up on its own by the morning (I had tried rebooting my phone before going to sleep...) I was even still in the game when I tried in the morning, and it connected without me having to close and reopen the game, so I'm thinking it was a server issue (or some ISP connectivity to the server...) It happened to me at just after 8 GMT (it was particularly frustrating, because I was trying to stay awake to get some extra points on Pandora while the speed boost was in effect...) I tried for about a half hour before going to bed, so it did last a bit, but it was only 5 or 6 hours later when it was working in the morning, so not too long... I'm on World1409 for Android.

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