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Thread: Sharp Tongue Arena--Refuters Threads

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    giftbox Sharp Tongue Arena--Refuters Threads

    Event Time: UTC 26/11 00:00 01/12 00:00
    Event administrator: GL official, Section Leaders, Galactic Chairmen
    Event Proposition: Whether R-7 Galactonite should be introduced as quickly as possible?

    Players who don't support the proposition can leave your posts there.

    If you are a refuter of this proposition, You can only reply in this thread and cannot make reply in Fence-sitters threads and Supporters threads. You can read their opinions and mention them in your reply. (One player-one side-one thread)


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    I don't think that R7 should be introduced just yet.
    Basically there are many players who are still lacking lots of R6 and many events still drop Nuclear R5 as big prizes.

    I believe first there should be a few steps taken before introducing R7.
    a) at least 1-2 months where Conquer the Cosmos alliance ranking positions should drop R6 for top50 alliances and advanced nuclear converters for positions 50 - 100
    b) individual prizes in Conquer the Cosmos that now give R5s should reward R6 instead
    c) eliminate nuclear R3 from the event in the galactonite centre and make it so that it drops Nuclear R4 to Nuclear R6 and galactonite chips
    d) reduce the price for Advanced Nuclear Converters, possibly making it appear at a 75% discount in a Black Market event.

    If these steps are not taken then the gap between those that you can still see at 100 running with galactonites R4 will be to great compared with those that will have the new R7, to such an extent that probably Pandora will be the most affected event. Those will be discouraged to participate at all in pandora since it will be pointless as they won't be able to even scratch the big competition. In the end that will make Pandora an uninteresting event and even lead to frustration for the powerful players since they will not have enough competition to make influence.

    Later Stage Event Question: Which of the first batch Galactonite have the best attributes
    From the announcement thread, what batch is the question referring to?
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    No, guys. For now we are DONT need r-7 gala. For now we are have good r6 galas, and amazing double r6 (no count crapy ones like hit-rate/at, def/s-def-thet has lower % then r5!!!!!!). If you want ruin gameplay-ok, enter r7...I am imagine Kit +7 augmented with r6 block/dodge at 11 lvl+Ctty as lieutenant (+2 to block ability) will have after s-atk (+30% to block for 2 rounds) 98% of block!!!!!!!and now imagine with r7?????)))it is insane....if you really want r7- let it be 1 stone for 2-3 slots, or r7 only with numbers-atk, s-atk, def, s-def, e-atk....I just can't imagine how I will play against enemy with r7 dodge +57% on Elsa or Sirenne +7 augmented...or r7 anticrit +65% on Sirenne=100% anticrit-no chance...
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    No i dont want R7 because spender will be stronger and stronger. Hard to beat them, pls update R7 after new year. I'm none spend just have month card and got fun when playing. ☺☺

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    i oppose the r7 to be release so soon.... its just too fast. we cant even rest.... let us breath for a little while. maybe april fool they can release it..

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    There is no good economical reason to release R-7 yet. Those who spend big to buy the latest and greatest are still chasing the last of th R-6 and dual R-6 that have been recently released. Plus meteorite gal has just come out and all big spenders still want it for almost all ships. On the other side the low/no spenders are still struggling to get enough R-5 to fill their fleets the hell with R-6. For most that is a level 85+ dream.

    If you release R-7 you might as well put R-1 thru R-5 in the basic gal lab for cubits and only sell R-6 and R-7 for credits. Otherwise you'll watch the great player exodus you hope to avoid as those who can't pay decide to go play elsewhere. GL is but one of many spaced based server games. Others are better on different devices. GL works well on both. Don't mess it up by rushing to bring R-7 into the field.
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    Introducing r7 will completely imbalance servers and Pandora matches. Wait six months or combine more servers first.
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    I also think, that it is a very bad idea to introduce r7 in every case. We do not have dual r6 for a long time yet. There are still so much possibilities to for all players to spend money and upgrade their Fleet with dual r6.
    The New r7 will make a bunch of big Spenders chasing after them like hell but all thousands of regular spenders will never get after this. How much will them cost if the new dual r6 is at 38.000 credits already???
    You will make a few players happy and a lot more disappointed.
    And what happens after r7? 6 months later will r8 being released??? Give all the regular players more time to build their Fleet with dual r6 ....
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    Personally I think R7's should not be introduced yet.

    The main reason for this is that big spenders on the servers will pull away from all the other players making an unbalanced playing environment. At the moment they can gain a slight advantage getting the new dual R-6 and the speed galactionite which cost a lot anyway or if they are really desperate and have plenty of money get a dark commander!

    The majority of the players still have over half their galactionites as R5 and below with limited ways to upgrade them without spending huge amounts of money ie CtC and Primus invasion. Even the new dual R6's are available free if you are willing to put time in (CTC 30000 points+ and black market events).

    I think the R7's should wait for 6 months while lower spenders can at least be a challenge to the big spenders or wait till the next set of levels open up (100-110) in order to minimise the effect of them on low spenders who make up the majority of the players of the game.

    As for the incentive with Tap to release and get increased revenue, most players are still chasing the dual R6's (the new ones cost 40k credits or around £180!). While it is true that some big spenders will buy the R7's the majority will shun this and accept that they can't keep up with these people and either quit or resign to the fact that they will never be able to compete. This will decrease the revenue long term for Tap4Fun. Or open up +8 which requires a large amount of pandora cores (again which lower spenders can get for free if they are patient).

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    hello all.
    I don't think that R7 should be introduced just yet.
    i think Bogdan tell a lot of very good reasons. i add some more:
    1- Pandora equilibrium could be studied first before introduce more type of galactonites (play with the same server over and over again is very boring and causes trick and trap).
    2- add first R7 Galactonites with increase values (strike, Hp, def, etc) not % (tekken, critical, death eye, etc), if tap continue increasing the % of hit, critical, etc the game could be complete unbalance and a lot of people could be bored and quick, server could be another time empty and more mergers could be needed and more problems.
    3- prices and premiums could be studied first, how change all of this for all player can obtain this. not only vip/paying player, also free players.
    4- i think could be introduce new galactonites first like E-DEF Galactonite
    thank a lot.

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