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Thread: Event Results - Just Cabal!

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    giftbox Event Results - Just Cabal!

    Hello Commanders!

    You made many amazing arts, and each of you deserve a prize! But we need to choose only 3 best arts


    1. Yan Viktorovich (Yan.s336, World1239 Android) - 2500 credits
    2. Pablo Peņa (Polovilmurk.s615, World562 Android) - 1500 credits
    3. Sergiy.s40 (Sergiy.s40, World 943 Android) - 1000 credits

    Participating Bonus:

    Cmasfashion (Fashis.S240, World1143 Android ) - 500 credits
    Pablo Peņa (Polovilmurk.s615, World562 Android) - 500 credits
    Rui Nascimento (Rui.s814, World772 Android) - 500 credits
    Chriz Parquez (chriz.s162, World1065 Android) - 500 credits
    Sergiy.s40 (Sergiy.s40, World943 Android) - 500 credits
    demondoom (demondoom.s372, World1275 Android) - 500 credits
    Yan Viktorovich (yan.s336, World1239 Android) - 500 credits

    Thank you all for participating! New Art Events will come soon!
    YouTube video "Just Cabal" will be announced soon! Stay tuned!

    P.S. Please, re-check and confirm your account info -
    just to make sure that rewards will be sent to you!

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