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Thread: Mirrors of the Phantom - Galaxy Black Market

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    Mirrors of the Phantom - Galaxy Black Market

    Great chance to hire one of the most powerful commanders in the game Sirrene.

    Approximate average drop rate of crystals from the packs is 20-23 crystals per pack - tested on 160 packs

    With this drop rate 1 Sirrene chip with the discount 50% will cost you about 20,000 credits

    Stay online 24/7 and receive 5 free crystals every 30 minutes - great source to get some freebie

    from now all you need is just catch your luck and find Sirrene chips or other valuable items with the discount on the Black market

    Good Luck, commanders!

    screenshot 2015-11-24 07-38-26-297.jpg
    screenshot 2015-11-24 07-38-33-370.jpg
    screenshot 2015-11-24 07-38-59-180.jpg
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