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Thread: CTC CHEAT ALERT: please come post your poll with me

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    Quote Originally Posted by sieben View Post
    do we play the same game? how do you get 1305 battle supplies? 1305-32 = 1273 x 100 credits = 127.300 credits??
    yes the same game, CtC first place cost about 5,000 usd.
    each member of the top alliances spend about 100-200 usd during the war and even more

    just dont think about their numbers and money, get some fun from the game process
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    wow, impressive numbers but why isn't Tap able to hire skilled developers with such an income 😁😂

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    cos the game need's to be in development all time, so tap wouldn't have to pay taxes

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    Yeah they should give back everything Vanguard have put into this fight!
    This is scam and also shows that the system don't work and is buggy.

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    TAP must refund credits of all alliance members who participate in this battle.
    This is not fair - in the first moment system give you x2 merits and after seconds told you "Opps, I make a mistake. You don't get bonus x2"
    Imagine a box fight in the end - first referee - Draw; second - Draw; third - Draw and after 2 seconds change his desicion.

    TAP we love You, but You must be a fair copmany and when in your game have a bug You must get responsibility and solve the problem.
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