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Thread: GL COMMANDERS HQ Weekly Sign In #3

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    Get your fleet formation in order to win the ccc!

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    Hey guys! Piranha here from world 368.

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    Here I come again.

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    I'm here! Don't leave without me

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    Hi scrubs 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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    Corporal Ryan Q Tee's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    Finally am able to register and join! What happened with GL and all this merging?

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    CTC is coming soon, anyone wanna come to my world 1366? have about 100 player & 4 good alliance, welcoming all to our world

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    That time of the week again where we show some love to the GL community
    GL- Account: RuggedTigga.s400
    FB-Group: GL Commanders HQ

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    I accually think CtC have turned out to the better, before update it only was for those who was going for darkies and main, to anyone else its simply sucked, i mean a R5 for 100 killstreak.. cmon,

    btw it would be freking cool to have dark shamen, even if it "just" would give 20% thats a whole set of L2

    first of all really really hoping this rumour about no +1000 cr bonus is just a rumour
    but if not, i hope it turns out for the better

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    Hello Peeps!

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