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Thread: GL COMMANDERS HQ Weekly Sign In #3

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    GL COMMANDERS HQ Weekly Sign In #3

    There we go again, this is where GL Commanders HQ team will meet once a week to say hi:


    1- This is Private for GL Commanders HQ [CHQ]: Our friends from other groups, please do not spam us!
    2- Only one post allowed per Team mate: Make it count
    3- Can say anything: while respecting the forum rules

    Thank you for being the best
    Chadi Sahioun


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    I am very thankful for this wonderful group and great team and people

    Have a great time
    Chadi Sahioun


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    Hey Hey!! ��

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    Almost weekend looking forwards to a dull days
    GL-Account : Akairyuu.S570 World358 (iOS)
    FB-Account : Samuel Somers (or Akairyuu)
    FB-Group : GL COMMANDERS HQ - Allround Member
    Skype : samuels1977.

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    hi peeps, here I am
    btw... anyone who was on server 375-380, which has been merged?
    Be water my friend

    Sieben | Sieben GL | sieben.s592 | World 380(iOS)
    forum | facebook | ingame | server

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    I looking forward for the next CCC . Good luck to everyone participating !

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    Hello everyone ^^ have a nice day

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    I'm here. Where's the beer?

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    What's up what's up people

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    In and out in no time

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