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Thread: Pandora introduction & tips (English & Español)

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    Pandora introduction & tips (English & Español)

    HELLO EVERYONE HERE EH with a complete explanation .. game strategies and PANDORA FACTS EXTRAS ..

    to start this coveted event always begins at 00:02 hours .. game system (clock top of the screen)

    pandora has a total of 6 events .. each event with duration of one hour in total ..

    having said that ..

    the first event begins exactly at 08:00 hours of play .. with a duration of one hour .. The first event is a series of missions ..

    all the more desacada missions is the possession of the white hole (side of the ruling star)
    to take the white hole we are developing our overall mission that can give us 50k 100k or 150k .. but that's not all folks .. these events serve to raise a fair amount of energy of galactonita .. quantities can be 150, 450 or 900 per galactonita energy of white hole taken .. so I recommend having the possession of these 3 places but the ruling obviously when these events .. so your server ensures a good amount of energy galactonita ..
    the following tasks are to kill ..

    Following the events ...

    the second event starts exactly at 01:50 hours of play (sorry if I fail at times .. but to be eactos starts 1:10 hours before primus)

    This event is also known as event push ..

    This event also asks a series of missions .. but a comparison of the previous event in this event all depends on the activity and power of your server to succeed ..

    Our first mission is to conquer the docks or docks .. .. there are just three docks on each side of our bases.
    the mission is to take the docks .. each of them can give 50k 100k or 150k ...
    friends .. but here too there is a small detail that the vast majority should know and some select small number of people do not know ..
    This event is known as pulse event because it all depends on the activity of your server and your power ..
    to take a dock .. your power increase almost doubled ..

    as second mission asked to go to the parent star can win cubes to improve the defense of your guild .. (used to conquer cosmos)

    .. star event and is exactly the end of the event ..

    It is to be the star exactly at the end of the event .. and stay alive for 10 seconds when you reach this .. .. you can check your in-box gifts .. and you will have gained 1, 2 or 3 chips depends .. the amount that shows your event ..


    HOME (20 minutes)
    BREAK (20 minutes) RESET (20 minutes)

    Both events have the following HOURS SPEED FOR ALL ..

    HOME: 20 minutes speed ..
    Descando: 20 minutes without speed ..
    RESET 15 minutes speed
    FIN: 5 minutes without speed ..


    eh here are some tips that can be helpful when playing Pandora ..

    1. all the springs have the power to restore our 1hp hp / 12s (1hp every 12 seconds)
    2. points to the right side of our base provides us a 5% strength to our server .. so it is highly recommended to have always dominated that side .. and if possible .. dominate the other points of your enemies. . so you can get to get 15% more power ..
    3. pandora each event consists of two parts .. .. as explained above this first part it consists of a rest .. .. and a second part ..
    in the first part you can kill and be the star if you wish ... but it's something you can not do in the second half .. why? because the function of headquarters is activated .. LAUNCH MISIOLES ..
    4. If you see a large number of people sitting in the star and you can not take the star .. you should head to headquarter (are exactly the left side of our base) to h .. you should stay for a while. . .. I do not remember exactly but I think every 20 or 30 seconds .. fires a missile ..
    5. each dispardo missile .. and gives the enemy .. will make the enemy lose 40hp .. (3 missiles kill your enemy ..)
    6. in the second part of the first event .. missiles are targeted at white hole .. every headquarter shoots a white hole .. different because they are always fired 3 missiles at 3 white holes each ...
    7. in the second part of the second event .. 3 point to the ruling headquarters star..por that? the answer is simple .. all fight for this event chips .. and so all Headquartes shoot straight to the ruling .. The aim is to make a just battle ..
    8. This will serve much ...
    as knowing the amount of chip to give the second event ?

    this is simple .. everything is a matter of seeing how many cubits to win in the first event ..

    for example if the first event for possession of 50k white hole gives cubits .. you can know that on the second event after taking the star .. have a chip to win ...
    if you in the first gana..100k .. event means that there will be the second 2chips ..
    and finally if you earn 150k cubits .. it means that in the second event will be 3 chips waiting for you


    1. .. I usually am a very vicious person when pandora .. always managed to win 24 chips in these events .. as I do?
    I have a little active server .. I personally use 5 counts .. mine and two of my friends .. and 2 bots..todos the star .. less ..
    I will always be out of the star .. next to a dock .. my mission is intercepar all go through to h and to heal ..
    obviously to do this must be someone strong in the star .. taking care of her ..
    as a good player one must always be aware of the movements of the strongest .. and if for some reason a strong ruling gains access to deploy your defense .. .. in this case be both bots accounts .. that his mission is to remove a boat to your enemy .. and see their training ..
    so your friend who is in the ruling .. can change formation and thus receive less damage ..
    2. in the second event .. highly recommend taking possession of the 3 docks ..
    Once this has been achieved nobody else can take it .. and your server will have all the power to the fullest .. be easy kill ..
    3. in the second event .. the final mission is to take the star to gain extra chips ... never suggest you go directly to the star ... because if you do .. there is a 80% chance that someone put a headquarter and will send those pesky missiles ..
    so before the end of the event .. go and wait by the ruling or just be sitting on a dock as the final seconds .. .. use speed and go to the ruling ..
    4. in the second event ... if any time if there are many people in the ruling just have to wait .. 2min before the end pick up speed .. .. .. go to a dock and teleport as fast as possible to one headquarter .. expect to shoot a missile and go to another headquarter .. must be very fast because time is running ..
    Your mission is to kill all those who are in the star with missiles .. or at least weaken them so that your can bring down all without any problem ..


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    Pandora introduction , tips ESPAÑOL


    para empezar este codiciado evento comienza siempre a las 00:02 horas del sistema del juego..(reloj parte superior de la pantalla)

    pandora tiene un total de 6 eventos .. cada evento con duracion de una hora en total..

    dicho esto ..

    el primer evento comienza exactamente a las 08:00 horas del juego.. con una duracion de una hora.. el primer evento tiene una seria de misiones..

    de todas las misiones la mas desacada es la posesion de los white hole (lados del ruling star)
    al tomar los white hole estamos desarrollando nuestra mision general que nos puede dar 50k 100k o 150k .. pero esto no es todo amigos.. estos eventos sirven para recaudar una cantidad aceptable de energia de galactonita.. las cantidades pueden ser de 150 , 450 o 900 energia de galactonita por cada white hole tomado.. por eso yo recomiendo tener la posesion de estos 3 lugares mas el ruling obviamente a la hora de estos eventos.. asi tu servidor se asegura una buena suma de energia galactonita..
    las siguientes misiones consisten en matar..

    siguiendo con los eventos...

    el segundo evento comienza exactamente a las 01:50 horas del juego (perdon si fallo en el horario.. pero para ser eactos comienza 1:10 horas antes de primus)

    este evento es tambien conocido como evento de impulso..

    este evento tambien pide una seria de misiones.. pero a comparacion del evento anterior en este evento todo depende de la actividad y poder de tu servidor de poder triunfar,..

    nuestra primera mision sera conquistar los muelles.. o docks.. existen igual 3 docks en cada lado de nuestras bases.
    la mision consiste en tomar los docks.. cada uno de ellos puede dar 50k 100k o 150k...
    pero amigos.. aca tambien hay un pequeño detalle que la gran mayoria debe saber y algun selecto pequeño numero de personas no saber..
    este evento es conocido como evento de impulso porque todo depende de la actividad de tu servidor y su poder..
    al tomar un dock.. tu poder aumentara practicamente al doble..

    como segunda mision piden ir a la estrella dominante y podras ganar cubos para mejorar la defensa de tu alianza.. (sirve para conquer cosmos)

    y el evento estrella.. es exactamente al final del evento..

    consiste en estar en la estrella exactamente al final del evento.. y permanecer vivo por 10 segundos.. una vez logrado esto.. usted puede revisar su bandeja de regalos.. y usted habra ganado 1 , 2 o 3 chips.. depende de la cantidad que muestre su evento..


    INICIO (20 minutos)
    DESCANSO(20 minutos) REINICIO (20minutos)


    INICIO : 20 minutos de velocidad..
    DESCANDO : 20 minutos sin velocidad..
    REINICIO : 15 minutos velocidad
    FIN : 5 minutos sin velocidad..

    TIPS :

    eh aqui algunos consejos que poder servir de ayuda a la hora de jugar pandora..

    1.- todos los muelles tienen el poder de restaurar nuestra hp a 1hp/12s ( 1hp cada 12 segundos)
    2.- los puntos al lado derecho de nuestra base nos proporciona un 5% de fuerza a nuestro servidor.. por lo cual es muy recomendable tener siempre dominado ese lado.. y si es posible .. dominar los otros puntos de tus enemigos.. asi puedes llegar a obtener el 15% mas de poder..
    3.- cada evento pandora.. consta de dos partes.. como arriba esta explicado consta de una primera parte .. descanso.. y una segunda parte..
    en la primera parte usted puede matar y quedar en la estrella si usted desea... pero es algo que usted no puede hacer en la segunda parte.. por que ? porque se activa la funcion de los headquarters.. LANZAR MISIOLES..
    4.- si usted ve un gran numero de personas sentadas en la estrella y usted no puede tomar la estrella.. usted debe dirigir a un headquarter (estan exactamente al lado izquierdo de nuestra base) .. usted debe permanecer ahy por un tiempo.. no recuerdo exactamente.. pero creo que cada 20 o 30 segundos.. dispara un misil..
    5.- cada misil dispardo.. y da en el enemigo.. hara perder 40hp al enemigo.. (3 misiles.. matas a tu enemigo)
    6.- en la segunda parte del primer evento.. los misiles estan dirigidos a los white hole.. cada headquarter dispara a un white hole diferente.. dado que son 3 misiles disparan siempre a los 3 white holes cada uno...
    7.- en la segunda parte del segundo evento.. los 3 headquarters apuntan al ruling star..por que ? la respuesta es simple.. todos pelean por los chips de este evento.. y por eso todos los headquartes disparan directo al ruling.. la finalidad es poder hacer una batalla mas justa..
    8.- esto les servira mucho...
    como saber la cantidad de chip que dar el segundo evento ?

    esto es algo sencillo.. todo es cuestion de ver la cantidad de cubits que ganamos en el primer evento..

    por ejemplo si el primer evento por posesion de white hole da 50k cubits.. usted puede saber que en el segundo evento luego de tomar la estrella.. haber un chip para ganar...
    si usted en el primer evento gana..100k.. quiere decir que en el segundo habra 2chips..
    y finalmente si gana 150k cubits.. quiere decir que en el segundo evento habran 3 chips esperando por usted


    1.- yo por lo general.. soy una persona muy viciosa a la hora de pandora.. siempre logro ganar 24 chips en estos eventos.. como lo hago ?
    yo tengo un servidor poco activo.. en lo personal yo uso 5 cuentas.. la mia y dos de mis amigos.. y 2 bots..todos en la estrella.. menos yo..
    yo siempre estar afuera de la estrella.. al lado de un dock.. mi mision es intercepar a todos los que pasar por ahy y poder curar..
    obviamente para hacer esto debe haber alguien fuerte en la estrella.. cuidandola..
    como buen jugador uno siempre debe estar atento de los movimientos de los mas fuertes.. y si por algun motivo un fuerte logra entrar al ruling.. desplegar tu defensa.. en este caso ser las dos cuentas bots.. que su mision es quitar un barco a tu enemigo.. y ver su formacion..
    asi tu amigo que este en el ruling.. puede cambiar formacion y asi recibir el menor daño posible..
    2.- en el segundo evento.. recomiendo ampliamente tomar posesion de los 3 docks..
    una vez logrado esto nadie mas podra tomarlos.. y tu servidor tendra todo el poder al maximo.. sera facil matar..
    3.- en el segundo evento.. la mision final es tomar la estrella para poder ganar chips extras... nunca te recomiendo que vayas a la estrella directamente... porque si lo haces.. hay un 80% de posibilidades de que alguien se coloque en un headquarter y te mande los molestos misiles..
    por eso antes de terminar el evento.. ir y esperar al lado del ruling o estar simplemente sentado en un dock.. y a los segundos finales.. usar velocidad e ir al ruling..
    4.-en el segundo evento en caso alguno vez que hay muchas personas en el ruling.. solo debes esperar 2minutos antes del final.. coger velocidad.. ir a un muelle.. y teletransportar tan rapido como puedas a un headquarter.. esperar que dispare un misil e ir a otro headquarter.. debes ser muy rapido porque el tiempo corre..
    tu mision sera matar a todos los que estan en la estrella con los misiles.. o al menos debilitarlos tanto que tu puedas abatir a todos sin problema alguno..


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    Nice writeup to get everyone up to speed for the basics of Pandora Guide - slight typo - Pandora starts at 02:00 ingame time, think u mistyped 00:02.

    I'm sure everyone has differing experience when it comes to Pandora - be it if you are from a doninant server or being bullied to staying in your home base. Maybe we can share them here and add on to what Chris has written.

    Really nice and quick guide and thanks for translating from your native language.
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    Good introduction into the pandora event. Im sure it will be useful to read for the newcomers and even those who playing game for few months and dont know yet different peculiarities of the event
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    - hard to captured all note to add your extra boost to 15%. All base have 5% and 2%. Rstar give 2% and 10% warp boost
    - your clones will feed opponent if there are twos spenders or three to hold rstar (maybe they can use speed boost and masted of teleport to take the whole map.
    - nothing to stand again spenders that is the rule. Only spenders vs spenders u may have a chance to hold rstar
    (My sever is no enough strong to hold rstar but i'm not sad with it because i try my best.
    - thank for the guid newbies need it

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    Thank you. I never knew a lot of this and is good info. I will recommend to my server to read it. We have a active server when Pandora starts but only a few of us actually work together to get the most out of it. But I know we didn't know most of what you wrote. Thank you again.
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    Thank you. Good Instruction.
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    Good information

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    I play during the time my friends are sleeping and they play when I'm sleeping. We hold the star for the whole event. . Thanx chriz for the guide. Very nice analysis of pandora.
    I'm a hard core player looking for challenge.
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    Thanks for the guide!

    Two questions....
    1. Sometimes during speed event i can't teleport. I get the message "sorry wrong route". Why is that?
    2. Sometimes when I'm at a recharge nod i only get upgraded to 99 and not to 100. Since every battle will take minimum of 10 % this in theory anyway could make me die one battle to soon?

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