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Thread: [13 Nov - 18 Nov] Tactics Workshop Rewards Event -- Primus Invasion Battle Courses

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    giftbox [13 Nov - 18 Nov] Tactics Workshop Rewards Event -- Primus Invasion Battle Courses

    Commanders, welcome to the first Battle courses !

    ALL those who is looking for easy way to earn some credits and the same time improve their battle experience are welcomed !

    We are very grateful that Galactic Chairmen Nachteule and Ender Bean Wiggins brought us their "battle experience“.

    All battles have patterns to follow, allocating resources efficiently is the only one of many ways to victory.
    The other crucial way is to feel the pulse of innovations and latest strategies.
    To be well trained and use on time secret knowledge anytime may turn battle in your favor !!!

    Weekly Galaxy Tactics Workshop will be held from Nov 13th GMT 0:00 to Nov 18th GMT 0:00.

    Commanders are welcomed to submit any kind of questions related to the weekly Primus Invasion event using the proper format.

    Galactic Chairmen will answer in details to all the interesting and valuable questions asked in the comments to this topic and help you to fight more efficiently in the coming battles.

    5 Players who put forward interesting questions, will have a chance to be selected as the "weekly best question" and will be rewarded with the 2,000 credits each ! (multiple, repeatable).

    The selected "weekly best question", will be recorded in the GalaxyLegend official guidebook.

    You can get all this, just by asking questions ...
    (All rewards will be distribute within 7 days after the event ends. Violations of any kind are strictly forbidden, players at fault will be disqualified after being found out.)

    Go for it! Galaxy's tomorrow belongs to you!

    Winners for this contest are:

    Our admin will contact you shortly for your info!
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