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Thread: [13 Nov - 18 Nov] Tactics Workshop Rewards Event -- Primus Invasion Battle Courses

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    giftbox [13 Nov - 18 Nov] Tactics Workshop Rewards Event -- Primus Invasion Battle Courses

    Commanders, welcome to the first Battle courses !

    ALL those who is looking for easy way to earn some credits and the same time improve their battle experience are welcomed !

    We are very grateful that Galactic Chairmen Nachteule and Ender Bean Wiggins brought us their "battle experience“.

    All battles have patterns to follow, allocating resources efficiently is the only one of many ways to victory.
    The other crucial way is to feel the pulse of innovations and latest strategies.
    To be well trained and use on time secret knowledge anytime may turn battle in your favor !!!

    Weekly Galaxy Tactics Workshop will be held from Nov 13th GMT 0:00 to Nov 18th GMT 0:00.

    Commanders are welcomed to submit any kind of questions related to the weekly Primus Invasion event using the proper format.

    Galactic Chairmen will answer in details to all the interesting and valuable questions asked in the comments to this topic and help you to fight more efficiently in the coming battles.

    5 Players who put forward interesting questions, will have a chance to be selected as the "weekly best question" and will be rewarded with the 2,000 credits each ! (multiple, repeatable).

    The selected "weekly best question", will be recorded in the GalaxyLegend official guidebook.

    You can get all this, just by asking questions ...
    (All rewards will be distribute within 7 days after the event ends. Violations of any kind are strictly forbidden, players at fault will be disqualified after being found out.)

    Go for it! Galaxy's tomorrow belongs to you!

    Winners for this contest are:

    Our admin will contact you shortly for your info!
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    First thing is i'm not here for credit
    About Primus invansion i have some ideals
    - ppl is usually to move to Primus escort fleets to kill them because they gave a lot of dmg/kill board. To do that they must have strong fleets or sheld caster to fight as long as they can.
    - use Primus form to fight Primus will make lower dmg but u can get a lot of dmg when u killed Primus. This way your kill board is low
    Resuit: -option 1: the escort only move and contact to first node they will not move futher => u need to teleport back to kill them again and again
    Option2: safer way to get R6. But require good deatheye on fleets because Primus stats is 25% dodge and 15% block rate
    P/s: u can dodge in Primus invansion

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    How to go pass by primus in primus invasion without getting killed?
    Im sure a lot player would like an answer for that without using credit.

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    Pvp formation with heavy duty shielder like asgard and lance with everything parked behind them , will ensure a good streak of Primus escort kills, they will need to kill the shielders to reach the rest of your fleet, that usually takes a few waves. Re adjust the form of the ships behind the shielders if you do not like the way your reports are playing out. If you use primus formation and are heading to a corner node, make sure you are behind enough players to kill the escorts so you dont meet them on primus form, you want to only aim for the Primus themselves, avoid the primus destroyers on this form as they will set you back some time, ideally if not many are encamped at the corner node wait one node behind it, usually near the middle once the first legion appears then head toward the corner, the primus destroyers will be killed by the time you land and you will meet only the primus.

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    I use to prepare two different fleets. the first one is my Primus fleet to do as much damage as possible, because the damage board rewards are much better. the second fleet (that I use in the early rounds) is a modificated PVP fleet. the idea is to have only 8 ships plus FS activated to switch gear and Galactonite as fast as possible at the end of a battle to the Primus setup. so can focus on damage and get some kills aditionally

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    I usually use a primus fleet since I'm interested in getting the R6 nuclear without spending any credits on the power-ups, this means low kill count except when I do manage to kill a primus which gives 100kill counts ... thus my experience with the primus escorts is fairly limited.

    Now my question[s] would be: Are the escorts formations randomise or is/are there only one/several fixed formation[s]? If there is/are only one/several, what is/are the positioning and special attacks of each of those ships?

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    For me, a lot of unexplained things: 1. What is still fleet is optimal for maximum damage? 2. Do I need to wear coat? 3. as a top player reaches for a wave of several tens of billions?

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    for max damage you need your Primus fleet... but the most important question is, why the hell couldn't find Tap a better time to start... for Europeans like me it's a pain

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    hello all.
    i have a question.
    normally in primus invasion all server play at the same time.
    when one player move from one position to other, a lot of ships can move together.
    but how decide the combat order versus primus fleet in combats?
    first arrive first combat, player with teleport have some advantage, etc.
    King regards

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    Hola un saludo cordial a todos tengo una pregunta....

    Desde que era Lv 88 entraba a la invasión primus que recién lo habían abierto y casi siempre hacia 700M y en las ecuaciones que se daba el evento ganaba las R6 y R5 nuclear, ahora que soy Lv 92 y entró hago sólo 250M mi pregunta es;

    Porque hago menor daño si cuando estaba en Lv 88 hacia mucho más y ahora que estoy Lv 92 hago mucho menos tengo la misma flota con la que peleaba cuando era Lv 88?
    No he cambiado nada y nunca he usado créditos para con ese evento y la verdad es que no entiendo que sucede alguien por favor me podría explicar esto tan complicado que no entiendo ni yo mismo

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