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Thread: GL COMMANDERS HQ [CHQ] Weekly Sign In #2 [12.Nov.2015]

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    Hello all and good morning/afternoon/evening... Ok now Pandora is upon us. It's time for tap to start having random board designs and some traps and what not.... It's getting pretty boring... Any thoughts??

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    Which one is it I should reply to? :P

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    Hey guys!!
    Did well on primus invasion today?!

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    Hola muchachos, al fin se va acabando la semana y bueno aquí yo esperando a q se abra Pandora para obtener un poco de puntos tech.

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    Aug 2015
    Guys, I wrote a novel about Phoebe...sorry it was so long. I hope you dont fall asleep reading it! Lol

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    Hello all! new pandora again!

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    i need incendos!!!!

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    Hi all...iam from Serbia

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    Hey Hey Hey!

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    Hi hello howdy

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