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Thread: GL COMMANDERS HQ [CHQ] Weekly Sign In Thread [PRIVATE]

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    GL COMMANDERS HQ [CHQ] Weekly Sign In Thread [PRIVATE]

    There you go, this is where GL Commanders HQ team will meet once a week to say hi:


    1- This is Private for GL Commanders HQ [CHQ]: Our friends from other groups, please do not spam us!
    2- Only one post allowed per Team mate: Make it count
    3- Can say anything: while respecting the forum rules

    Let's rock people

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    That's my unique post: Let's GOOOO

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    Colonel Muir's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
    Belarus, Minsk
    Hi from Belarus))

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    Aug 2015
    Glad to be here. Nice to be part of a good team. I chose this team because I like the group topics, no one makes anyone feel bad for asking a question, people are supportive and kind, and its informative. So lets just continue to be fantastic. ��

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    Hello everyone . Have a nice week !

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    So we make a post the week, so u know we still active?

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    Hi everyone, have a nice day

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    Hi everyone,
    Time to get cracking and will work on some tutorials.
    If anyone have a good way for quasar and other, contact me as i'm currently turning everything in tutorials for others.

    Akairyuu.s570 - Kuroryuu.s570 World358
    GL-Account : Akairyuu.S570 World358 (iOS)
    FB-Account : Samuel Somers (or Akairyuu)
    FB-Group : GL COMMANDERS HQ - Allround Member
    Skype : samuels1977.

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    hi im here bye
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    Hi everyone.

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