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Thread: Galactic Chairmen Guide :: Featured Commander Reviews :: Akhenaton

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    Galactic Chairmen Guide :: Featured Commander Reviews :: Akhenaton


    Akhenaton - Blessing or Curse


    Commander Wrap-up

    Akhenaton was introduced in late 2014. He is a Protector class commander with a unique special that lets all other ships enter stealth mode for one round or until Akhenaton dies. His statistics are mediocre and you need good Galactonites and equipment to make him survivable. Unlike most other Protectors he has no shield, only HP but a lot of that.
    Short after his release he became one of the most-loved answers to the omnipresent Brom Bones resulting in frequent appearances in that time's CCCs.
    Then his special attack was weakened to his current form and he mainly vanished from the battle field. Thanks to the introduction of Reshape and Lieutennants the metagame is favouring Akhenaton again.

    Tactical Review

    The main purpose of Akhenaton is to suck up the first round special attacks from your opponents fleet. For that he should be the first or second commander to shot. This strongly depends on who is going first and if [+4]-augmented Kit lurks on the other side of the formation grid.
    Another great thing about Akhenaton is that he protects your other commanders at any position of the formation grid (the other commanders do not have to hide behind like with Lance for instance) which allows for flexible play with formations.
    His greatest weakness is his susceptibility to lieutennant Kit [+4] who can foil the whole strategy built around him. Another Nemesis is Sirenne - the cross defined by Akhenaton's position should not be manned by other commanders because Death Code is very likely to trigger at Akhenaton.
    Last important thing about him: He is a team player - he protects the team but to fulfil this task he needs the team (see "Best Friends").

    Jewels and Gear

    Core, armor and shield should be focused on. Additionally armor and shield can be neglected at the other commanders making Akhenaton a very good supporter of highly economical equipment levelling strategies.
    Galactonites should support the defensive attributes: Starocean, Flash, Phantom, Divine, Fissures, Deatheye. A perfect setup could look like this: Shining (Accu/DEF), Wind Trail (Dodge/Anti Crit), Phantom, War Shadow (Critical/Pen), Deatheye, Composite (S-DEF/HP) (or Meteor?).
    Wind Trail + Phantom is better than Light Streak + Devine is better than Giant Peak + Flash because the primary objective is to survive the first round and this is supported best by the first combination.


    Best Friends

    Obviously the best partner for Akhenaton is Annica, especially with first shot. She gives him her strong shield and some times both which makes survival very probable. (If Akhenaton is very dodgy sometimes it is better to put Annica in the second next position of firing order.)
    Acc'tan as lieutennant augmented to [+4] is another strong partner for Akhenaton as well as Cabal who is a strong addition to any team but if his dodge boost hits Akhenaton things may get insane...
    There is one other commander that is at least interesting to team with Akhenaton: Daleks. Opposing commanders confused by Daleks special attack can hit any ship from enemy's or own side, Akhenaton will attract the latter hits, additionally - as these are normal shots - they can be block/countered, potentially allowing another stealth round.


    (Katiya Storm.) No - not for the same strategy.

    Best Levels

    Akhenaton can be used at any level. But it usually takes some time to develop the high quality equipment (fully bosoned defensive gear) and Galactonites. Moreover he strongly benefits from high Reshape levels and HD HP technology. Additionally he sometimes provides hit ships with 100 k shields. Although that can be useful against Lance at lower levels it is easier to handle at levels 80+.

    How to Hire

    So far Akhenaton was available during mining events, only. The price varies and depends on the numbers of free/required items. Best price offers were around 4 k Credits up to 10 k Credits.

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    I have Akhenaton but not on my current PVP team.
    I also was using Acc'tan as lieutenant augmented to +4 and his stack defence special really helps.
    Once you have Akhenaton equipped with good gala and given high level equipment he can really absorb damage making your opponents first shot ineffective this really helps against destroyers. ��
    It also helps that he shoots three in a row. Downside, that 10% chance to bulk up your opponent before the battle kicks off can be a hard recover if you don't have another tank or high absorption ship in stand by like Lance or Kit to take hits.
    Reading this now I might just take him out of my retirement section and but him back into active play.
    Thanks, Nachteule for this post. I would love to hear your assessment on Queen Emma.
    Kind regards Max
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    Great post, Nachteule. I got Akhenaton in the late 80s and he's still in use
    I'm now at level 98 and AKhenaton does a good job with Bartholomew as Lieutnant together with Dark Asgard and it's Lieutnant Acc'tan
    Be water my friend

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    really really good mate!
    would love to continue reading other reviews on other cmdrs!

    *thumbs up

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    I look forward to more analysis of other commanders to come. Nice breakdown of Akhenaton, Im sure most players woild benefit from this since Akhen is quite easily available during mining/side task events and players can the chance to decide for themseves of they should get him based on this guide.
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