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Thread: [AoW] Art Of War Faction :: Weekly Check In :: 11-10-2015 #2

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    Lets hope that there will be no more inpleasant surprises in the haste to get us evants.. chears to happy events.. and saving

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    Had a great Pandora weekend, cheers!

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    Hi guys and girls sorry I can't participate in story

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    Checking in...

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    Ground control to major Tom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ender Bean Wiggins View Post
    ::CHAPTER 2::

    After a long battle the [AoW] faction victoriously completed their first of many missions in their journey to save the universe from evil, during their celebration a large black hole opened in deep space and out appeared their arch nemesis......

    Who could save ours world's against this monsters ?
    Who could be enough in rage or fury for save us ?
    Philidox.s199 world199 android

    Current fleet : incendos / cabal / hunter / aquos

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    Check in please ;P every week a new post where we have to check in?

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    I'm so Hungry...

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    Greetings from Germany.....and time to go to bed ��

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    Continuing from post #6.

    Ready to fire, wait do we even have an ammo? No...

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