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Thread: [AoW] Art Of War Faction :: Weekly Check In :: 11-10-2015 #2

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    There once was a(nother) man from Nantucket .............................................

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    Ready to do everything to save the universe from....

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    Two man from Nantucked got married and started fighting for gay rights ... TtAP saw an opportunity to earn some money from these two gay guys sstory and created an event specifically to milk that population

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    He flew a washer and dryer into battle but the washer drain he could not unplug it...,
    (Trying to link the story and rhyme, arch nemesis of socks = laundry)

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    (Check done!)

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    Blas here checking in

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    Wet socks are a recipe for... Blisters. Giant, pus-filled blisters began forming in the troopers' feet as they marched against the Galactic armada. "Aw, aw, awie mummy!" were heard endlessly muttered by them and one had the feeling that this battle was already over before it had begun.
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    Since the battle finished before it even began Ken could only say "What's up doc?"

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    Checking in.. and BTW congrats for being one of the Official foundation group in GL

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    Frazzl checking in.
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