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Thread: Best Galactonites to use?

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    Best Galactonites to use?

    Dear all,

    I'm still very new to Galaxy Legend and found about these forums only a few days ago.

    So far, this place has been a very interesting source of informations and I'm very grateful for all the time you all took to post these information here.

    I still have a question that I couldn't get an answer to though. Maybe because there isn't a single answer to it?

    Anyway, here it is: which are the best Galactonites to use?

    So far, I understood that Speed, Accum, ATK (or E-ATK), S-ATK, Critical, HP and DEF are key. Which already makes for 7 of the 8 available slots (not taking into account dual Galactonites).

    Of course, if we are talking about a ship more oriented towards defense, we should add S-DEF, or Dodge, or Block.

    But I'm sure there is a lot more to say on this topic...

    Any advice from my fellow "veteran" players?

    Thanks in advance. :-)

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    For the long term Basics stats like ATK, HP, DEF, S-DEF, S-ATK are useless, don't spend a single credit on them. You can upgrade those galactonite you have for free until you reach lvl 90. You can decompose those galactonite later and get back all the gala energy. Don't be afraid to increase R3 or R4 gala.

    In priority you need 5 ACC (R4 or R5) in order to fire S-ATK at the beginning of the battle.

    Then you need to invest in:
    1. Hite rate
    2. Penetration

    Then you can invest in the other types depending the chips you have as well as TS moduls. The higher a characteristic is, the more you have to increase it in order to have a true advantage.

    anti-critic => a must have, otherwise you will die in one shoot.
    Block => if you own Rashka or Star Lord, it has to be increase first of all.
    ATK critic

    Speed => only if you have red commanders otherwise it's usless since the spenders who own thoses commanders will probably have full set of R6-57 Meteor.

    I don't know if you are a spender, a big one or a VIP 0 but for the commun players R7 are not worth. It's better to invest in dual R6 because you will increase 2 things at the same time and it's very cheaper in energy than R7.

    You can fin here here a very nice guide about galactonite.

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    Here is an another guide on galactonites, rather old but still valid
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pliusomiot View Post
    Here is an another guide on galactonites, rather old but still valid
    Thanks a lot for this guide that I didn't spot so far!

    And thanks also to Warcry for his precious advice.

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    What a War Cry mentioned you need Acuumulator Starocean stone/gala to you open fire on all your Ships with S-attack, this way you have the highest destructive force from the first moment and special effects/features given by specifics ships ... so the Acuu/StarOcean must be upgraded to +50points to result in accu of 100 (and above) to fire S-attack. Please note most of the ships start with 50% accu charged.
    Please reffer to handbook to see intial Accumulator levels. Some "pay" ships are above that 60% or 75%

    But read these guides, nothing more to add..

    Good luck...
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    I completed 3 dual combination for each commander, Only missing attribute is critical & dodge for my three commander and there is no critical & dodge combination dual that we can use as fourth dual on each commander.
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