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  1. FD and knouse is...

    FD and knouse is amazing.
    this an example of azrael + DFS + FD + STURDY working together(However Not in this video) . thinking of replacing SL with DOR??
    any views?
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    Sticky: Lol so true.:)

    Lol so true.:)
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    749 check this out....

    check this out. as many as three bugs are in here. just slow down the video.
  4. Thank you all for the help.

    Thank you all for the help.
  5. How Do I Upgrage TS-4 Modules to a Good Level?

    Hi everyone,
    is there any guide on how to ugrade ts4 modules to a decent value without spending too many credits?
  6. Need some advice on which ships to keep in fleet?

    Hi all,
    i am currently at lvl96 with 660M force. i have all lvl8 dual galas full set and all ts4 modules.
    i am confused with what ships to choose for my main fleet lineup.

    i have A'rturis,...
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    I do have maggie and arturis with me. I was also...

    I do have maggie and arturis with me. I was also thinking to replace my Geoffrey and FD with arturis and maggie.
    this would get four cross firing commanders, two locking commanders and three...
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    Is geoffrey still relevant?

    I have been using geoffrey for past 1 year or so and am happy so far. but now i have reached level 95 with a total force of 650M and geoffrey is becoming less and less effective with so many...
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